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The Voice of Germany

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What is "The Voice of Germany?"

“The Voice of Germany” (TVOG) is a German singing casting show that has captured the hearts of viewers since its launch in November 2011. With an innovative concept and an impressive list of winners, the show has become one of the most popular entertainment shows on German television. Since its debut on the screens of ProSieben and Sat.1, “The Voice of Germany” has captivated an audience of millions.

The innovative concept of "The Voice of Germany"

The concept of “The Voice of Germany” differs from other singing casting shows due to its unique elements. In the first phase, the “blind auditions”, the candidates stand on stage while the jury members sit on swivel chairs with their backs to the stage. This allows the jury members to judge the candidates on the basis of their votes alone, without seeing their physical appearance. If a jury member is impressed by a candidate, they can turn their chair towards the stage to indicate that they would like to include this candidate in their team.

The unique thing about “The Voice of Germany” is that the candidates are selected solely on the basis of their vocal qualities. This is in contrast to other casting shows, where appearance often plays a greater role. This focus on the voice and talent of the participants has made the show an important platform for aspiring singers.

The winners of "The Voice of Germany"

Since its launch, “The Voice of Germany” has produced an impressive list of winners who are successful both nationally and internationally. The winners of the first thirteen seasons include Ivy Quainoo, Nick Howard, Andreas Kümmert, Charley Ann Schmutzler, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, Tay Schmedtmann, Natia Todua, Samuel Rösch, Claudia Emmanuela Santoso, Paula Dalla Corte, Sebastian Krenz, Anny Ogrezeanu and

Malou Lovis Kreyelkamp


These artists have not only won the hearts of the public, but have also proven that they have the potential to be successful in the music industry. Many of them have launched impressive careers, released albums and built up large fan bases. This underlines the importance and success of “The Voice of Germany” as a springboard for up-and-coming musical talent.



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