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Mila Rubio is a Ukrainian TV presenter, music producer, founder of the Bergu Djane Twins music project and now also a DJ in the electronic music ! One of the most sought-after international projects in Spain, Russia and India. For a short time before Mila Rubio the top 10 best DJs in the country. After a fiery concert program at BCM Planet Dance (Mallorca), Amnesia Ibiza (Ibiza), Opium (Barcelona), De School (Amsterdam), Lumina.

With her music in the style of deep house, house and EDM, Mila Rubio has succeeded in uniting all European music lovers. Live performance of original and fresh songs in a mix with beats, carry away into the world of lending on dance. Mila is a DJ who mixes tracks during his own performance, creating a completely new sound for hits.

Mila Rubio – Los Angeles 2024

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